This roadmap is an ongoing and evolving document that will be updated as our development progresses.

Alpha 0.1.0

Introducing the first public MVP of Kumaly a platform to create EVM apps. The Alpha 0.1.0 introduce our first app Experiences Luxe.

The foundations of Kumaly:

  • PWA Skeleton: The app can be installed in just a few seconds from your smartphone web browser and functions like a native app installed from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Integrated EVM Wallet: No need for an external wallet or crypto knowledge - it's user-friendly enough for anyone, even your mom!
  • Non-Custodial: Private keys remain on the user's device.
  • Web Workers: Achieve maximum performance using web workers to handle heavy tasks (such as syncing with blockchains and signing transactions) in the background.
  • Offline mode: Like a native app, it's usable while offline.
  • JSON and Components driven: Apps utilize a common set of components along with a few custom ones. The entire app is defined inside a JSON file, making it easy, fast, and cost-effective to build new apps.
  • KUMA Smart Contracts: Our own smart contracts offer advanced SFT and NFT capabilities at a fraction of the cost of commonly used contracts.
  • KUMA Crafting: Enhance our contracts by crafting assets following recipes, e.g., collect A, B, and C to craft D or collect E and F to receive 4 EOS and 10 points.
  • EOS EVM and EVMs: EOS EVM as the main chain, compatible with other EVMs too. Seamlessly supports multiple EVMs in parallel (one web worker per chain).

Features common to all apps on Kumaly:

  • Compatibility: Works with iOS and Android devices.
  • Fast Onboarding: Simple and quick setup.
  • Multiple Accounts: Easily switch between multiple accounts for better user activity segmentation and privacy.
  • No visible addresses: No more confusing 0x addresses; users are identified by a username that matches their web2 social network accounts.
  • Friends: Add and remove friends to streamline interactions.

Features specific to Experiences Luxe:

  • Bridge to Web2: A companion app designed to work with Instagram.
  • USD 12,000 worth of Rewards and Gifts: Available at launch.
Incoming Features in the next Alpha iterations

Features common to all apps on Kumaly:

  • Notifications: Receive alerts for important events.
  • Transaction History: Displayed as a user-friendly list of events.
  • Bulk Transfers: Utilize KUMA Smart Contracts' bulk transfer capabilities to send multiple assets in a single transaction at a low cost.
  • Pay for user transactions: With KUMA Smart Contracts if user dont have enough EOS but enough engagement the app can pay for his transactions.
  • Friends Assets List: View your friends' asset lists for easier collaboration and trading between users.
  • Integrated Marketplace: Take advantage of KUMA Smart Contracts marketplace for seamless buying and selling.
  • Advertising: In-app ad slots will be auctioned off to bidders from both web2 and web3.
  • Cross-App Assets: Crafting recipes that consume assets from one app to mint assets in another app.

Features specific to Experiences Luxe:

  • Instagram Module: Home module to display previous Instagram posts, user participation, and your own results, including the Memories you won.
  • Instagram Module: Home module to showcase active posts where you can still like and comment to participate in the next Memories drop once the countdown ends.
  • Winners Module: Whenever Experiences Luxe sends a Gift to a winner, we ask them to take pictures of the unboxing and provide commentary to demonstrate the legitimacy of the rewards to the community.
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