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Can I change my account name to something else than anonymous?

Your account name must match one you have on a supported Web 2.0 social network. This is to prevent bots from disrupting the user experience and because it reflects how most people interact online today.

Can I change my avatar photo?

Your avatar photo is synchronized with the one on the Web 2.0 social network used to verify your account.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple accounts to separate your activities and maintain your privacy.

App Settings
Can I change the app language?

At the moment, only English is available, but we're working on adding French. We don't have an active roadmap for other languages yet.

Can I change the app currency?

The app currency cannot be changed at this time, and all transactions are displayed in USD. We plan to include more currency options in the future.

Why is EOS represented by a black hexagon instead of it's logo?

The EOS logo is challenging to work with, particularly in small sizes. We opted to use a placeholder icon while designing a custom icon to represent EOS and other coins in all Kumaly apps. We appreciate and encourage community feedback on this matter.

Can I install the app(s) using the App Store or Play Store

We explored the possibility of using both platforms but ultimately chose Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) installed from our website. Native apps installed from stores have two primary drawbacks:

  • Unclear and rapidly changing regulations around crypto limit what can be done within store guidelines.
  • The 30% cut that stores take on every crypto purchase (including NFTs) is not feasible for our platform.

With the latest iOS release focused on improving PWA support, we believe this approach is the best way forward.

How can I backup my datas ?

Currently, you can backup your data by saving the 12-word recovery phrase provided by the app. We are working on additional improvements for backup and sync to enhance the user experience.

Do I need MetaMask or similar to use Kumaly app(s)?

You don't need a separate cryptocurrency wallet to use Kumaly app(s). We initially implemented MetaMask, but users found it too complex and filled with jargon. Instead, we decided to embed the wallet directly within our app(s), resulting in a smoother user experience.

Can I access my assets without using the app(s)?

Yes! Access your profile within each app to retrieve your 12-word recovery phrase. Import this phrase into any EVM-compatible wallet to access your EOS and other assets.

You can also do everything you can do in Kumaly app(s) by using the smart contracts directly.

Are the app(s) custodial, does Kumaly hold the user private key?

Kumaly is a 100% non-custodial platform. We never hold or see user private keys, and all user transactions are signed on their device.

How can Kumaly pay for the user transactions if it's not custodial?

Kumaly employs custom-made smart contracts that allow users to create and sign a transaction. Users then send it to Kumaly, which embeds it within another transaction containing the necessary gas. The contract processes the user's transaction using gas from Kumaly's transaction. Kumaly cannot sign transactions on behalf of users.

Why you dont show the value of EOS in USD inside the app(s)?

We chose not to display the value of EOS (and other coins) in USD within our apps, except for finance-focused apps. Showing two values for one item complicates the user experience.

In Kumaly app(s), EOS is earned through rewards and used like in-game currency. We want users to think in terms of EOS rather than USD, regardless of the current price. Focusing on the USD value detracts from the fun and enjoyment for users.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We regularly update our FAQ to provide the most current information and address any new concerns or issues that may arise.

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